About Us

We, Aathees hard flooring, design surfacing for urban streets and carriage way. We study the challenges and innovative solutions set forth by urban street planners in terms of long lasting quality, colouring and texturing of surfacing to achieve the world class street and carriage way.
We innovatively implement their principles and concepts of surfacing in urban footways, pedestrian crossing, cycle path and shared surface of carriage ways. 

For Example:
- de cluttering the road marking lines and provide appropriate coloured and textured surfacing to convey the principles of movement to the users effectively.
- enhance the phsycholgical calming effect by using improved surfacing materials with impressed colours and purposeful textured.

Based on the designer's concept, We design and manufacture the surfacing materials for the world class streets and carriage ways to perform in various aspects.
- Better visibility,

- Clear functional movements of fit for purpose
- Convey the message of principles of movement
- Physical surface structure for achieving : Safety, Directness, Comfort, Coherence, Attractiveness and Adaptability 

Thus it is resulted to delivering the high quality infrastructure.
We have had complete instrumented infrastructure to develop the innovative products and hi-tech machines to manufacture the high quality surface materials - paved in world class streets and carriage way.
Thus it is resulted to impressive, long lasting life and zero maintenance cost of surfacing materials to world class streets and carriage way.