Technical Profile

1. Casting Method Comparison
2. Properties of Surfacing Layer

1. Casting Method Comparison

Hi-Strength A'Slab casting Method

Other conventional casting Method

Fine aggregates and coarse aggregates can be mixed in suitable grading as per mix design.

Fine aggregate and coarse aggregate grading should be adjusted for releasing from moulds.

Water Cement ratio can be controlled according to mix design.

Water Cement ratio can't be controlled according to mix design.

High quality concrete can be achieved.

That much quality concrete can't be achieved.

Perfect edges and less damages.

Poor finishing and edge damages are unavoidable.

Self compaction with right cohesion leads highly densed packing of materials.

Compaction with out right cohesion not achieving that much result.

Self weight is more.

Self weight is more.

Good density leads to very low permeability. Therefore very less water absorption and dampness.

That much permeability can't be achieved and leads to comparatively more water absorption and dampness.

Very high durability.

That much durability can't be achieved.

Beyond the system, we add the costly admixtures for colouring, top finishes and ultimate strength.

Those costly admixtures are not added.

2. Properties of Surfacing Layer

1. Hi-Strength colour cement concrete
Stain free nature
3. Dirt repellent
4. Hi-Wear resistance
5. UV resistance against colour fading
6. Aesthetical appearance.